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solution 1

Electronic Security Solution

High level of security comprise of multi tier detections parameter tailored for government, corporate and residential premises

solution 2

CCTV Surveillance & Monitoring System

Support multiple system and hardware integration into centralize platform for surveillance with active trigger functions

solution 3

Access Control Management System

End-to-end integration based on client’s security and surveillance objective that incorporated AI features

solution 4

Enforcement Handheld & Bodycam

Enforcement devices for authorizes personnel to issue compounds / notice and digital evidence footage for legal liabilities protections

solution 5

Enforcement & Prosecution System

A centralize platform that consolidate enforcement data from organization environment and convert it into for collections purposes or court actions

solution 6

Gated & Guarded Community Apps

Community driven mobile apps that are essential for management and residential engagement activities inclusive of digital payment solutions

solution 7

Automated Parking & Guidance Management System

Complete indoor parking system solutions for commercial premises / building with diverse technology partner ecosystem

solution 8

Automated Barrier & Gate System

Support both conventional and advanced LPR technology with AI features for indoor and outdoor parking solutions

solution 9

Cloud Based Security & Maintenance System

Digital transformation in connecting organization goals by migrating legacy systems process and new features into cloud infrastructure

solution 10

Intelligent Energy Saving Solution

Incorporating smart technology and IOT capabilities to enable real time monitoring with centralize control

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